Farming, Animal, Aquatic Product, and Foodstuffs 58%/40% Matsu Special Grade Gaoliang Liquor
58% and 40% Matsu Special Grade Gaoliang Liquor is made from select Gaoliang based liquor stored in Tunnel 88 for three or more years. By the time of natural fermentation and refinement,sublimates the four substances of acids, esters, aldehydes and sterols in the alcohol. Blending is done by the Master with over 40 years of experience, producingtop level taste of rich,gentle,strong but smooth, mellow, and vigor. This liquor is best suitable for occasions of dining, banquets orgood friend reunion.

Farming, Animal, Aquatic Product, and Foodstuffs Matsu Aged Daqu Liquor
“10 years cellaring aged Daqu” is limited edition liquor made bythetraditional method of double distillation double fermentation process and then stored in the optimal natural conditions in the Tunnel 88 cellars. Storage in anenvironment ofstable temperature and humidity gives the liquor a mild mellow, light fragrant, strong but smooth taste, The secret of the taste is from cellaring in “Tunnel 88”.

Farming, Animal, Aquatic Product, and Foodstuffs Dongyong Aged Sorghum Liquor
The Dongyin Distilleryproduces this top-quality aged liquor by using ancient technique of Low-temperature fermentation. After blending, the bottled Dongyong Aged Gaoliang Liquorhas45% alcohol content. It is mellow with no sharp or spicy taste, nor headache nor dry mouth even if heavy drinking. This is why Dongyong Aged Gaoliang Liquor is the best seller in Matsu and has successfully enteredthe China market without advertising.

Farming, Animal, Aquatic Product, and Foodstuffs Yuanzun Aged Sorghum Liquor
Yuanzun Aged Sorghum Liquor
The brewing uses the spring water and follows the traditional method of doubledistillation double fermentation steps. It is light fragrant liquor, rich aroma entrance with excellent flavor. After brewed, it is stored in the Tunnel 88cellars for five or more years before packaging and sale. The bold, refreshing but mellow taste is the remarkable good liquorspecial for those with a good taste.

Farming, Animal, Aquatic Product, and Foodstuffs TuanyuanFugui Commemorative Liquor
TuanyuanFugui Commemorative LiquorusesDaqu Liquor stored in the Tunnel 88 cellars for 18 years or more. It isthe select distilled liquor produced by the solid state fermentation technique for Matsu Gaoliang Liquor. As the naming concept behind this liquor is reunion, wealth and honor, the packaging features the well-designedthemes of panda and peony to incorporate art into life. The porcelain bottleis made with the imported white porcelain clay, burned at high temperature 1260 degrees, with 99% purity gold gilt hand paintingshowing thenoble, luxury and elegant.Ancient brewing technique of the Matsu Daqu liquor is the highest level process of Chinese white wine, after years of refined, the fragrance improves with age. Its true spirit bursting forth from simplicity, brilliance and confidence arising from its modest. It is real a worth collecting treasure.

TuanyuanFugui Commemorative Liquor

Yuanzun Aged Sorghum Liquor

Dongyong Aged Sorghum Liquor

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