Sporting and Leisure Goods Power Wheel (includes Shoulder Wheel, Hand Wheel, Multi-Function Mini Bike, Wrist Wheel)
Description: Power Wheel include: Shoulder Wheel, Hand Wheel, Wrist Wheel, Multi-Function Mini Bike Features: 1.5-Section Adjustable Resistance 2. Adjustable Height or Length 3.Fashionable Design and Easy to Match Home Display 4.Strengthen Muscle Group 5. Saving Space

Sporting and Leisure Goods  165kg Alex 4 holes Colored Olympic Rubber Set

Description: Cast Iron in colored rubber coated                             

Center Hole: 50.4-50.8mm                                                                   

Set Includes:

10kg x 2pcs, 15kg x 2pcs, 20kg x 2pcs, 25kg x 2pcs, 220cm Olympic bar 1pc, Pressure Olympic collar 2pcs

Sporting and Leisure Goods 20KG Pump Weight set with Rubber Plates
Set Includes: 2 x 5kg Yellow Rubber Plate, 2 x 2.5 Blue Rubber Plate, 2 x 1.25kg Red Rubber Plate, 1 x 1400mm (L) rubber coated hollow steel bar with spring collar

Sporting and Leisure Goods Adjustable Dumbbell Set
Adjustable Weight: 2.5lb~20lb

Sporting and Leisure Goods ALEX 3 Holes Rubber Plates

Description: Made of cast iron with rubber coated

Specification:        20/15/10/5/2.5/1.25kgs

Center hole: 50.4-50.8 mm

Weight tolerance: + 2%

TPU Plate



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