Sporting and Leisure Goods Head Guard
* Made of High-end hybrid shock absorption and cushioning foams
* Low penetration and Low G value
* Low rebound
* Highly resistant against water and humidity
* High resistance against heat and most chemicals
* Acceptable Odor

Hospital and Medical Supplies and Equipment Rehabilitation and hydrotherapy Mat
* Both side ribbed texture
* Closed-cell foam structure, impervious to water
* Superb cushioning, Sturdy, light weight
* High resilience ; body heat retentive
* Anti-bacterial treated
* CFCs Free
* Excellent for Pilates mat, exercise aerobics, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy.

Sporting and Leisure Goods Swimming Kickboard
* Eco scratch-resistant and non-abrasive EVA foam construction
* Embossed non-slip surface and ergonomically contoured design for extra comfort
* Ridged channels help reduce drag
* Excellent tool for providing added support and stabilization for developing proper posture, kicking techniques and building strength in legs.
* Extremely durable and Lightweight

Sporting and Leisure Goods Universal Rescue Tube
* Light, durable and superior in specific buoyancy
* Quick release buckle
* Extension to accommodate larger swimmer
* Waterproof foam offers a softer feel and longer life.
* Extra width and thickness for better flotation.
* Extra wide multi-purpose shoulder strap for throwing or towing.
* Approved for pools, water parks, and ideal for open water.

Sporting and Leisure Goods Water Barbells
* Eco scratch-resistant and non-abrasive EVA foam construction
* Durable plastic handle with soft and super comfortable slip-free foam grip
* Ideal device to increase maximum underwater resistance for upper body conditioning
* Round bell that can make for more constant motion and solid workout for better performance.
* Extremely durable and Lightweight


ECO Anti-Burst Gym Ball


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