Hospital and Medical Supplies and Equipment Balance Pad
* Super soft cushioning with Vinyl coating
* Durable and easy to clean
* Closed-cell foam structure, impervious to water
* Create for rehabilitation and balance training

Hospital and Medical Supplies and Equipment Balance Foam Roller
* Size: 6”(dia) x 36”(Length), 6”(dia) x 18”(Length), 6”(dia) x 12”(Length)6”(half-round)x 36”(length), 6”(half-round) x 18”(Length), 6”(half-round) x 12”(Length)
* Made of EVA foam
* Non-Toxic
* Durable * Lightweight
* Available color: Blue, Green

Sporting and Leisure Goods Studio Mat
* Size: 50cm x 100cm
* Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm
* Quality meets RoHs standard
* 100% durable closed-cell Nitrile rubber/PVC foam
* Black background with Customized color front side
* Great Resilience. Resists common chemicals and solvents. * All edges safety beveled

Sporting and Leisure Goods Gaia Pilates Mat
* A newly developed material
* Environmentally friendly
* Free on PVC, Halogen and Phthalate ester plasticizer
* Non CFCs ozone depleting materials
* Excellent Stability and Soft and Flexible
* Excellent for Pilates mat, exercise aerobics, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy.

Sporting and Leisure Goods Exercise Mat
* Size: 60cm x 180cm
* Thickness: 3/8” ; 5/8”
* Available color: Blue, Red, Green, Black, Purple
* Superb cushioning, Sturdy, light weight
* Closed-cell foam structure, impervious to water
* High resilience ; body heat retentive
* Includes detached Velcro straps, easy to roll up and clean
* Non-toxic


ECO Anti-Burst Gym Ball


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