Matsu liquor factory industry company was established in August 8, 1999, under the board of directors, set up the Nangan Factory and Dongyin Factory ,the management functions as company system, is the publicly-owned business and main finance income of Lienchiang County. The south Nangan Factory of Matzu was the former Chung-Hsin liquor Factory, was established in 1956, it followed ancient method to brew alcohol, the main production of alcohol were aging,sorghum and medicated, the Factory was subordinated to the Mazu battlefield government affairs committee. In 1970,it expanded the workshop as present address, abnd named Matzu liquor Factory,the beginning is roughly in shape, but the output increased progressively year by year. The most popular liquor in Nangan Factory are the yeast,sorghum, and medicated,aging, agent of Shih-Hua Company is well known of ‥88 tunnels〃,it has excellent reputations all of the worlds,they not only offer alcohol to the Taiwan market, but also make progress to the mainland China, establish branches all over Fujian Province. Nangan Factory was based under the alcohol cellar for over 15 years, it tastes mellow and smoothly, in May, 2008, was assigned by President Ma Yingjiu and vice president as Nation banquet liquor, and after the mass broadcasing by the local media, the reputation of Matzu suddenly pop up quickly, therefore immediately increase the sales volume. Dongyin Factory started in 1956 the winter, was named ‥ Chung-Hsin liquor Tungyin Branch factory〃, in 1961, Dongyin Headquarter established Dongyin Factory by themselves, and took over the business of Chung-Hsin Factory ,till 1979, Mr Hsieh Jiu Jen was appointed commander, spent 12000000 NT dollars to expaneded and built the factory greatly, and was completed in 1980, July, and started to possess the modernized liquor factory scale. Dongyin Factory was mainly in producing sorghum liquor, including yeast liquor,sorghum liquor and the aging sorghum liquor, it also produced variety liquor such as rheumatism liquor, Huang-Long liquor,Bai Zi Chien Sui liquor in early years, but had been suspended production now. For tens of years, Dongyin Factory in the way of quality, brewing technique and productions all have huge success in progress, especially Tung-Yung Chen alcohol to be the most well known, not only did the prior president Chen Shuibian appointed as the Nation banquet liquor, but recently, has become the best-selling alcohol in Matzu district,and was once fell shortage for serval times. This we can see thatTung-Yung Chen alcohol has proved it popularity. South the bamboo pole factory and Tungyin Factory all is equipped with the exhibition hall in, no matter the association or individual, all welcome to enter visits, the wine-tasting. Nangan Factory and Dongyin Factory all holds for exhibitions, and are welcome for individuals and communities to come to visit, and taste of the alcohol.

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