A major part of our production is on the OEM business.  We produce for several world famous brands.  The top notched categories are able to meet with the IWF or IPF standards.


Alex is our brand name and has enjoyed brisk sales in Germany, Japan, India, the U.K., Northern Europe etc. for years.


We have two major factories in China, respectively with the shipping ports at Tianjin and Nanjing (or Shanghai).  Tianjin concentrates mainly on the commercial grade of cast iron related products, while the second factory, very close to Shanghai, is concentrates on the commercial/home use grade of rubber or commercial grade poly urethane plate/dumbbell related items production, it is also a Q/C and consolidation center having easy access to ample variety of weight lifting and fitness accessories for the commercial/home use markets.


In our factories, we are equipped with horizontal type of sand blasting machine, electrostatic painting and baking system, precision electronic scales, analysis and testing tools for rubber, plus the proper employment of gauges and fixtures etc., there is rarely any bad product able to slip through our production line or rigid Q/C inspection.


Our headquarters and design centers are still in Linkou, Taipei, with active R&D team working on the drafts and designs that perfectly cater to customers’ needs.  The approved drafts and drawings will then pass over to our China end, we have in-house molding shops there to accurately and efficiently proceed with the sampling.


Most of our major customers have been closely working with us for over 10 years, there is only one simple reason in support of their overall satisfaction: We carry a firm and persistent company policy – The Reliability.


TPU Plate



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