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Metals and Hardware Products Telescopic Collapsible Shoehorn
Telescoping Collapsible shoehorn with Massage ball Size:
4 sec. 190~660mm (L)
Collapsible shoehorn which is easily storage and multi-function.

Sporting and Leisure Goods New double Ring tourist guide
We supply variety of telescoping Camera Tripod in mulit-colored styles. Nice looking and eassy to carry. Telescopic tourist guide尺吋: 9S/ 185~955mm Polychrome and easily storage.

Houseware and Kitchenware Telescopic B.B.Q Fork
Telescopic barbecue tableware with wooden handle, stainless steel Size: 6 sections 315 ~ 865mm(L) Easily carry and storage High quality.

Sporting and Leisure Goods Telescopic Backscratcher
Extensible backscratcher 5 sections 175-525mm(L). Easily carry and storage which also nice looking.

Houseware and Kitchenware Telescopic Sauce Fork
Telescopic tableware Fork in stainless steel Size: 5 sections 230~ 60mm(L) Easily carry and storage High quality.

Telescopic Dentise Light

Telescopic Multi-Purpose Tool (Detachable)

Telescopic Pointer Pen

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